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Smart Industry.

​​We build a technology-based industrial city by connecting industrial activities from development, and production to distribution processes.


Be part of an earlier future.

Industrial plots are available now. Ready to build, ready to use!

For inquiries and to get offers, please click the button below.

a state-of-the-art ecosystem.

We create a state-of-the-art ecosystem, to enable a more efficient, more effective, more productive, and low-production-cost working & living environment.


Ideation, research, planning, prototyping, sourcing, costing, and commercialization.


Industrial creation and production of various scales and processes.


Assembling, packaging, listing, and all final processing before being ready for use and distribution.


Storage, local distribution, large-scale distribution, and various needs in the delivery process.

Commercial and public areas.

Industrial areas that are directly connected to commercial areas and public areas, bringing industrial products to be marketed directly.

Research & Development

JISC also invites academics to participate in research and technology development.

Indonesia ​Industrial tourism

Industrial Tourism

JISC industrial tourism invites the public to get to know and learn about industrial areas and industrial activities.

​City tour JISC

City Tour JISC

Through the JISC transportation hub, city tour buses are ready to take everyone to all corners of JISC.

Shopping Tour 

JISC is also developing an industrial shopping tourism experience.

World-class Infrastructure

​World-class infrastructure

​Giant Power Source, Green Energy, World-class ICT Infrastructure and Connectivity, World standard management

Modern Industry 4.0

ICT Infrastructure

High-Speed Connection, Smart Ducting Fiber Optic, 3 ISP Provider Ready

World Standard Estate Management


Police Station, Fire Station, Waste Management, and more...

Strategic Location

High power supply

High-speed Connection

Direct Toll Access

Flood-free zone

Low earthquake risk

The future of industry 4.0

Smart Industry

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