Industrial Land in Indonesia

Industrial Land in Indonesia

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Industry is a sector that plays an important role in a country’s economy. Almost all the developed countries of the world are dependent on their respective industries. This also happened in Indonesia. Although Indonesia is essentially an agricultural country, in recent decades Indonesian industry has begun to play an important role in the national economy. The government has even started focusing on building an Industrial Land in Indonesia.

The development of Industrial Land in Indonesia has continued to progress quite rapidly in recent years. This is happening alongside the massive flow of investment capital into Indonesia as well as the economic situation of the people continuing to improve. This has led to increased consumer demand for goods and services. A rapidly growing industrial sector will quickly help set the wheels of a country’s economy in motion and generate economic benefits that can bring wealth and prosperity to a country. This is why we need more Industrial Land in Indonesia.

To date, there are several operating industrial cities or cities preparing to become Industrial Land in Indonesia. Interestingly, many of Indonesia’s industries have developed since the colonial period of the Dutch East Indies. At that time, the development of industrial zones in Indonesia was only carried out by the Dutch East Indies government in areas with abundant economic potential and natural resources for further exploitation. It was during this period that more and more Indonesian industrial urban areas were built in large cities located near seaports. Of course, this development is aimed at facilitating the supply of industrial and logistics products.

An Industrial Land in Indonesia needs to be carefully planned and designed, with particular attention to its potential long-term impact. Construction cannot be done randomly. Indonesia’s industrial cities could indeed generate significant economic benefits, but the potential impact this could have on their survival should also be carefully considered. Avoid pollution, noise, and congestion caused by industrial activities.

Many industrial cities are starting to transform not only into industrial parks but also into smart, modern, integrated and well-connected cities to facilitate people’s activities. in daily life. One of the cities under the Industrial Land in Indonesia is Jatiluhur Smart Industrial City (JISC), developed by PT. Senosa multi optimal.

JISC covers an area of ​​1,200 hectares, located in Purwakarta Regency, West Java, immediately adjacent to the eastern end of the industrial corridor between Jakarta and Cikampek, long known as a special national industrial park. in Indonesia. Of course, the presence of an Industrial Land in Indonesia, like JISC, is essential to contribute to national economic growth and improve the well-being of surrounding communities.