Industrial Park near Jakarta

Industrial Park near Jakarta

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Industry is one of the Government’s pillars to promote national economic growth. In addition to its ability to attract many workers, the industry can also generate a lot of profit. To sustain the growth of the industry, it must be supported by adequate support infrastructure. An Industrial Park near Jakarta is absolutely necessary because Jakarta, the economic center of Indonesia, can encourage and support the development of industry.

The industrial park itself is an area used specifically for industrial activities, including a number of facilities and supporting infrastructure. Industrial parks aim to increase industrial efficiency and productivity as well as facilitate government industrial management and supervision. This is what prompted the government to start developing an Industrial Park near Jakarta in recent years.

The existence of an Industrial Park near Jakarta requires community attention, especially the issues of pollution and noise from production activities as well as environmental impact and congestion around industrial zones. This requires professional management and careful planning to minimize the various disruptions and potential problems that may arise.

Some of the Industrial Park near Jakarta include Bekasi, Cikarang, Cilegon, Karawang and Serang, each of which covers thousands of hectares and has the potential to continue growing in the coming years. One of the Industrial Park near Jakarta, which is Jatiluhur Industrial Smart City (JISC), was developed by PT. Sentosa is optimal.

JISC is located in Purwakarta Regency, West Java, immediately adjacent to the eastern end of the industrial corridor between Jakarta and Cikampek. This makes JISC’s location very strategic and suitable for use as an industrial park with high economic value.

JISC itself has a number of special zones that have been designed and adapted from the ground up to meet the needs of the people and function as support zones for industry. There are several special zones within JISC, which are industrial, residential and commercial zones with a total area of ​​1,200 hectares.

The JISC sector has also continued to grow in recent years. Nothing less than realizing JISC’s role as an Industrial Park near Jakarta and realizing a modern smart city integrated with industrial parks and becoming a center of economic growth in Purwakarta district. JISC’s presence is also expected to be able to promote regional growth and development as well as community and environmental well-being.